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Sabbath School Lesson

Sabbath School
The Seventh-day Adventist Church has a structured study guide for use by church members throughout the world. Commonly known as a quarterly, the study guide follows a theme over the course of three months (hence 'Quarterly') and enables a deeper understanding of the Scriptures on various topics. Lessons are tailored to different age groups.
The Study Guides are available in printed form from the Adventist Book Centre, but may also be accessed, downloaded or printed from the General Conference Personal Ministries and Sabbath School website. Please click here to be directed to the site, from which you can choose the appropriate lesson resource.
Other Lesson Study Resources
  • Audio-Visual Resources for the Adult Study Guide
    • Provided by Amazing Facts weekly in collaboration with the Sacramento Seventh-day Adventist church. Available online, as a download or podcast.
    • Slightly different perspective on the lesson in a variety of audio formats. Also has a free weekly mailing list. Lessons are normally e-mailed at least a week in advance.
  • Study Helps for Teachers
  • Contemporary Comments.
    • Thematically tied to the quarterly and created weekly to give an up-to-date commentary that may be used as an introduction. Often tied to a current national or world event for illustrative purposes
  • Additional Resources
    • Standard Adult Lesson in larger print for the slightly visually impaired.(Pdf)
    • Children's, Youth and Young Adult Sabbath School Resources
      Lesson Resources for ages Birth to 35.